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In 2015 we started to provide food to the 18th elementary school on a daily basis. Two months later, I met a parent of this school that knew I was involved with the food company that was providing their school, and he told me this:


"Unbelievable! My son is eating legumes for the first time in his life!’’


That, was the kind of an ethical payment that has nothing to do with money, and we all, that work for a reason, need so much. It was one of the happiest days of my life. The school continues with us!

A story

that made us proud!

About A. Kokiantonis Ltd


A.Kokiantonis LTD was founded in 1997. The initial nature of the company was organizing and decorating spaces for events.
Since 2002 it specializes in catering services.
A. Kokiantonis LTD is one of the most succesful companies in its field due to its customers' satisfaction and by giving emphasis on hygiene, cleanliness, reliability and by approaching every event with the unique care that it's needed .

A. Kokiantonis LTD has served more than 3500 events with huge success and without leaving any customer unsatisfied.